Flavia is a 27 year-old wife and the mother of an 8 year-old son, Owen. She is the leader of the ladies at the crafting co-op and she is an excellent mentor to them. She learned the skill of sewing through Compassion International, a foundation that educates orphans and vulnerable children. This is Flavia’s first and only job she’s ever held. She is extremely faithful and dedicated to her work; she is there every day of the week, eager to earn money for her family. Flavia’s husband works on the streets of Kampala, as a hawker, selling clothes and shoes; he makes the long journey home just three times a year. Her job with Resilient Uganda allows her to pay school fees for her son and also to buy food for the family.

Rosemary is the oldest of six children and is 18 years old. She studied through 6th grade. Rosemary and her mother dig/do gardening for neighbors to earn a living. Her job with Resilient Uganda has allowed the family to pay school fees for the younger children, buy food for them and has even enabled the family to start a small business of buying food in bulk and selling it at the market. Rosemary has shown a willingness to learn and her handmade bags have become some of the best!

Benna lives with her mother and her two nieces. She is the second born in her family and her income provides for the family of four. She is also responsible for the gardening for the family, which is the only way they feed themselves. Her mother is too old to dig (garden) and her young nieces are still in primary school. Benna walks over two hours each day to fetch water for her family. She completed school through the 7th grade and was learning to sew sweaters when Resilient Uganda moved in next door to the school. She joined us immediately and has been eagerly learning the art of sewing beautiful bags, pillows and skirts.

Sylvia is the second oldest of nine children. When her Father passed away two years ago, she became the sole provider for the family of ten. While visiting with her family her mother thanked me for the job and told me that we “saved her family by providing this job for Sylvia”. Sylvia studied through seventh grade and was learning the art of making sweaters when Resilient Uganda moved into the room next door. She immediately joined us, her sense of humor and silliness is infectious to all around her.