Resilient Uganda's own crafting co-op has many unique, handmade, vibrant bags for sale! The women creating these bags can now provide basic needs for their families through this project of empowerment.

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                 Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

Please remember they are handmade and each one is unique in size and color!

Large Beach bag  $35.

(approximate size: 18x20 in. 24 in. handle)

Small Beach bag  $28.

(approximate size: 15x17 in. 22 in. handle )

Medium Shoulder Bag $22.

(approximate size: 11x14 in. 54 in. strap )

Small Shoulder Bag  $19.

(approximate size: 8x10 in. 44 in strap )

For questions or inquiries please contact; [email protected]


Big Beach Bags

Medium and Small

Shoulder Bags

Small Beach Bag