We'll be building our 14th water tank in 2019! I'm getting so excited to see my Ugandan friends again, I'm packing already for the January 6th, 2019 departure date!! Who would have guessed that my fourteen months of teaching English in Uganda would have led to this?! I cannot wait to continue our small, but impactful project in this beautiful corner of the world. I am dizzy with excitement at the thought of the children wrapping their arms around my neck, the taste of the most succulent and sweet pineapple and especially the sounds of goats, chickens and children...the sounds of Africa!

Resilient Uganda has been helping Ugandan's improve their way of life since January of 2013. The founder, Bonnie Bzdok arrived in Uganda to volunteer and immediately realized people were in need of resources for improving their lives. With the help of many compassionate and generous people, water tanks for schools with little or no water available for miles were built.

Resilient Uganda has partnered with H.E.L.P. International a 501c3 that distributes food, clothing, medical, humanitarian aid, education, and training - helping individuals, communities, and countries become self-sustainable through a combination of humanitarian aid and education.

Resilient Uganda is returning again in 2017 to volunteer within villages and will continue to assist with access to clean water by building water tanks to harvest rain water while also creating jobs through the construction of the tanks. We continue to empower women by teaching them sewing and crafting skills, bead and jewelry making and assist them in becoming self-sustaining.

We feel that by spreading our strength, blessings and resources to those who need it most, we are making a direct impact on the lives of Ugandans. We are proud to support these resilient human beings who endure many hardships and spread our love all the way to the remote villages of Uganda.

Together, we are giving the gift of life. Every human deserves access to water, an education, a job and love. If you'd like to assist us in helping Ugandans lead better lives, donate now and thank you so much for your support. We are grateful you want the world to become a better place.

2016~Just three more weeks and Resilient Uganda will be back in Kisoro! I'm looking forward to seeing these hardworking ladies and what they've been creating for us!! Thanks to so many generous friends and supporters, we'll also be providing even more water tanks in the volcanic hills of SW Uganda this year. One of the most remarkable opportunities of sharing these stories this year has been working with elementary schools in the U.S. to raise money to help their friends in Africa. Thanks to these schools and their amazing students, Resilient Uganda will be able to provide two more water tanks! The sweet innocence of the youth and their questions, and the interests they have in helping their new-found friends, has been a wonderful realization; Our youth have a pure hearted interest in helping their fellow humans.
I can remember when a first-grader raised her hand and asked me if she could go back to her classroom to get her water bottle for me to take to the kids in Uganda! 2016 is already off to another successful and rewarding year for our friends in Resilient Uganda!

                                 Wacozey Chaney (Thank You Very Much!)

2015 ~ Water tank in the village of Bushoka. This is the third large water tank that Resilient Uganda has supplied to the people of Kisoro, in the SW corner of Uganda. Harvesting rain water means that local women and children can fetch water much closer to their homes and save them hours of walking each day!